The final short film about World of Warcraft: the battle for Azeroth is dedicated to Queen Azshara


Blizzard published the final, third short film from the series “Faces of War”, telling about the heroes of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. A fresh video introduces us to the tragic history of Azshara.

Once Azshara was the queen of the night elves, beloved by her subjects. The lady and her associates were carried away by the study of the mighty Well of Eternity. It’s not hard to guess, at one point something went wrong, and the capital of the elves Zin-Azshari was buried under the water column. After the disaster, Azshara heard N’Zot’s voice. Let us explain that in the universe of Blizzard (a great lover of inspiration from different sources!) N’Zot is such a Cthulhu. The local version of Lovecraft’s monster concluded a deal with Azshara – the heroine will help God restore the former greatness, and he will save her people. So there were naga – humanoid snakes, former elves.

Recall that the previous animated creations of Blizzard told about Jaina Proudmoore and Sylvanas Windrunner. Also at the beginning of the month the company released a short film about the orc Varoka – this movie, unlike the “Faces of War”, flaunts a full CG-animation.

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