The International 2018: how the best players in Dota 2 shared $ 25 million

2018.jpgIn Vancouver, Canada, The International 2018 – the Dota 2 tournament with the largest prize fund in the history of e-sports has come to the end. This year, in total, over 25,500,000 US dollars were played. 1 600 000 dollars Valve has laid out from the pocket, and the rest is 25% from sales of the military pass of Dota 2 and levels for it.

Among the domestic teams, the main part of The International 2018 came out with two: (received a direct invitation for points that played on the “minor” and “major” tournaments) and Winstrike Team (became the winner of qualifications in the CIS). In addition, one player from Ukraine was part of the collective VGJ.Storm.

In the finals of The International 2018 OG from Europe and PSG.LGD from China met. The decisive battle was on the system “Up to three wins” and eventually ended with a score of 3: 2 in favor of OG.

The final results of The International 2018 came out the following (prize money is not final, because some pennies are still dripping into the fund):



1. OG – 11,177,437 dollars (44% of the fund)
2. PSG.LGD – 4 064 523 dollars (16% of the fund)
3. Evil Geniuses – 2 667 343 dollars (10.5% of the fund)
4. Team Liquid – 1 778 229 dollars (7% of the fund)
5-6. and Team Secret – to 1,143,147 dollars (4.5% of the fund)
7-8. OpTic Gaming and VGJ.Storm – at 635 082 dollars (2.5% of the fund)
9-12. Team Serenity, Mineski, Winstrike Team and Vici Gaming – at $ 381,049 (1.5% of the fund)
13-16. Fnatic, TNC Predator, Newbee, and VGJ.Thunder – at $ 127,016 (0.5% of the fund)
17-18. Invictus Gaming and paiN Gaming – for $ 63,508 (for 0.25% of the fund)

We offer to rejoice at the winners!

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