Games and kittens: Mineko’s Night Market

Mineko Night Market

If the kittens do not save the world, then it will be possible to ensure the popularity of the casual game. This is exactly the reason Meowza Games studio, creating the adventure Mineko’s Night Market. According to the story, a girl named Mineko comes to an island inhabited by a large number of cats and a small number of people. The days pass, the seasons change, and we have to help Mineko take root in this unusual place and make new friends.

The gameplay is similar to the gameplay of the same Stardew Valley. We gather resources, we make something useful from them, once a week we sell them on the night market, we start dating at the same time, we communicate with citizens, we participate in special events and festivals and, of course, we tame cats. For example, to participate in feline racing.

Mineko’s Night Market was created with the consideration of Japanese culture, and the story of friendship, choice, and cats is filed from the point of view of the Japanese. But there will be a game on PC in the whole world. Most likely, not before 2019.

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