Indie for Switch with one line: Into the Breach, Undertale, Transistor


Nintendo held a presentation of the Nindies Showcase Summer 2018, which featured indie games for the Nintendo Switch. Some old acquaintances will move to a new console in an improved form, some prepared surprises, and some may be interested in the owners of other platforms.

• Into the Breach first appears on consoles: the game is already available on the Nintendo Switch.

• Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition – the new edition has an exclusive costume that helps you to search for hidden items, as well as additional weapons. Will be released on September 6th.

• TowerFall for the Nintendo Switch includes original content and the addition of Dark World, as well as a new mode for the six, four additional options and the ability to play for Madeline and Badlin, Celeste characters. Will be released on September 6.

• Treasure Stack – a puzzle with blocks, which added the mechanics of the platformer with the hook-cat. There is a cross-play with PC and Xbox One. Will be released on the Switch in the winter.

• Zarvot – an arcade about the friendship of cubes. In the story mode, you have to go through nine worlds to cheer up a bosom buddy. In the competitive mode, there will be a “cubic action” of five kinds. Leaves first at Switch in October.

We will certainly prepare detailed information on these games.

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