The authors of Shovel Knight finally presented in all its glory.


Indie-blockbuster Shovel Knight came out in 2014, but has not yet fulfilled all the promises since Kickstarter. Among other things, Yacht Club Games offered depositors a multi-user mode. Just five years after the start of public funding – and it was finally presented in all its glory. Multiplayer expansion is called Shovel Knight Showdown. It accommodates up to four participants. Among the regimes are dueling one on one, each for himself and cooperative battles against artificial intelligence. In addition, there is a story section where adventures are tailored for each hero.

In Showdown there will be 16 characters, lots of maps and a new soundtrack. Multiplayer battles are only available in local form behind one device, no connection via the Network. Showdown will be a free add-on for those who purchased the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Also there will be an independent version of the game. Apparently, the platforms at Showdown are almost the same as the original Shovel Knight, – the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS will be left behind.

On Showdown, the story of Shovel Knight is not over yet: the final addition will be the King of Cards campaign, which threatens to become the biggest additive in the history of the game. More details about it will be discussed separately this week.

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