What is waiting for Star Wars Battlefront II in the coming months?


After all the adversities and hardships experienced by Star Wars Battlefront II, Electronic Arts and DICE continue to apply to heal plus to its sore spots in the form of content updates. Today, the developers have submitted a plan for the development of the militant for the coming months.

In September, Battlefront II will be reaped by an improved system of detachments. The novelty will allow players to appear next to members of their group. At first, the system will be available only in the “Galactic battle”, “Fault” and “Excellence” modes. Also, the September update will add to the shoot the guilds of the fighters of the 91st intelligence corps and the 104th battalion “The Wolf Pack”.

The October update will be introduced into Battlefront II by General Grievous.

To balance the balance of power, in November, Obi-Wan Kenobi will visit the game. In addition, the militant will be replenished with the map “Geonosis”, where large-scale battles clone. On a fresh map, it will be possible to steer new types of equipment – BARC-speeder, ORP, and AT-TE. The cherry on the intergalactic cake is the skins of the soldiers of the 212th Assault Battalion.

Finally, most innovations will reach Battlefront II this winter. Among them:

• new heroes – Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku,
• The mode in which you need to capture points to destroy the enemy’s ship,
• the appearance of the fighters of the Coruscant Guard and the 501st Legion.

The creators will tell more about the composition of the nearest patch closer to its exit.

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