Battlefield V changed the release date

Battlefield 5

Last time over Battlefield V clouds was gathering. The starting version of the game, which was supposed to be released on October 19, was becoming increasingly tough – so, two days ago it became clear that the cooperative mode “Joint fights” will reach the shooter only after the release. It seems that Electronic Arts and DICE realized that people’s patience is about to burst, and postponed the launch of a clearly raw fifth part.

On the site of Battlefield, the appeal of the general manager of DICE Oskar Gabrielson (Oskar Gabrielson). The head said that the new release date for Battlefield V is November 20. The official reason for the transfer sounds like this – the authors want to make the latest changes to the main gameplay and make sure that the service model “The course of the war” will reveal its potential.

Gabrielson writes that the community prompted developers to adjust the pace of the gameplay and improve the visibility of the fighters. Some of the improvements will appear already in the beta version of the action movie.

The schedule of the open “beta” Battlefield V remains the same. On Tuesday, September 4, the preliminary version will be released to all those who have pre-ordered or purchased a subscription to Origin Access Premier. Well, on the 6th the game will be able to be tested by other users.

Note that, among other things, moving to November will allow Battlefield V to avoid tough competition with the main releases of October – Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2. The next Call of Duty will be released on the 12th, and the western from Rockstar – the 26th.

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