Explore the halls of the mind. Twin Mirror


Bandai Namco and DONTNOD Entertainment presented a new Twin Mirror trailer. He demonstrates one of the features of the game – the protagonist can immerse himself in his own halls of mind.

The protagonist is Sam, a journalist who returned home to bury a friend. At some point, Sam finds himself in a motel with bloody clothes, but he does not remember anything about last night.

The most notable talent of Sam is Mind Palace, which literally can be translated as “the halls of reason”. An ordinary person is able to forget important information, but Sam’s brain is arranged differently. In his “halls of reason,” he recreates memories of the past or even adds up the development of events. The problem is that in the halls one must first clean up, otherwise, they will not work at full capacity.

To solve the mysteries of Twin Mirror, you have to switch between the real world and the mind of Sam. In addition, in the head of the main character dwells Double – an inner voice that takes the form of the sarcastic twin Sam. The role of the Double in the story is not disclosed so he can be both an assistant and an opponent.

Twin Mirror is divided into three episodes. The first series is called Lost on Arrival and will be released in 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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