Four minutes of Praey for the Gods


Praey for the Gods – the obvious spiritual heiress of Shadow of the Colossus. Only develop it is not the Japanese geniuses, but the indie team No Matter Studios, which got the budget through Kickstarter. As in the work of Fumito Ueda, in Praey for the Gods one has to climb huge monsters and look for vulnerable points on their body. The key difference is an entourage. The main character falls on an abandoned snowy island. Cold chills to the bones, the food just can not be found, and the snow sometimes so much that it prevents you from moving normally.

If you are confused by the word Praey, then for good reason: previously there was a more familiar Prey instead, but Bethesda with legal threats claimed to be the developers – they say that the rights to the Prey trademark belong to it, so No Matter Studios must keep their pens away. So Prey in the title had to be replaced.

Praey for the Gods should be released before the end of 2018 on the PC, and then the authors will work on versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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