In Hunt: Showdown for the week added matches for singles


Hunt: Showdown survived to its first multiplayer event – the developers from Crytek allowed the players to fight each other in solo mode.

If you are embarrassed by the wording “solo-mode”, let us explain that this is not a “single”, but the same network mincer, in which everyone fights only for himself. The entertainment is designed for 10 participants. The event has already started and will end on September 6.

After the event, the players who will collect the biggest awards in solo matches will receive additional prizes.

• Top 50 – 3,500 in-game dollars,
• top-10 – $ 3,500 and a unique name for one of the hunters,
• Top 5 – $ 3,500, unique name, three types of weapons to choose from (large, medium and small), three types of expendable items, three tools and a set of skills for 50 points,
• top 3 – the same and an additional level of prestige in addition.

Despite the fact that Showdown does not beat popularity records, things are not so bad at the game – according to Steam Charts, since May its average online is steadily growing and now it is 3,185 users. For example, launched in the “Early Access” on August 28, Fear the Wolves can only envy this result – at the same time, it was visited by a maximum of 388 players.

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