The terrible world of Orphan in the style of Limbo


Independent studio Windy Hill Studios has published a release trailer of eerie action by Orphan. Players will visit the forests, valleys, and mountains of the dying world, which captured the army of alien aliens. The hero uses weapons and rapid movement to defeat powerful enemies, each of which has a vulnerability. Developers from Windy Hill at the creation of the game focused on the atmosphere, visual style and on immersing the player in the gameplay. At the same time, they were inspired by the classic games of the genre: Another World, Blackthorne, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysey, Journey to Silius and, of course, Limbo.

Financing for the development of Orphan studio was received at Kickstarter. The game can be played in 5-10 hours, but the creators promise replayability. More details about the game will be told at PAX West 2018. The game is scheduled for release on October 31 on Steam on PC. Later there will be versions for PS4 and PC.

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