Below Zero – Arctic addition for Subnautica


As Unknown World Entertainment writes, the events of Below Zero continue the storyline of the first Subnautica and will reveal a new chapter in the universe of the game. Normal screenshots or video clips yet – on the official page are treated only with artistic illustrations. The concept of Below Zero has not been determined yet, but the basis of the gameplay is taken from the previous Subnautica: you need to build a base and explore the world around. Among the novelties – temperature control and more voiced dialogues in the central story.

However, Subnautica Below Zero will pass through early access, so the features of the game can change. Developers plan to constantly release updates, taking into account the feedback of gamers, – everything is like with the original Subnautica. Subnautica Below Zero will become an independent extension, that is, you do not need to buy the first part. Early access to the Arctic complement will open in the coming months.

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