Hellpoint – occultism, deep space and a black hole, affecting the gameplay


TinyBuild announced that it will distribute the role-playing action Hellpoint from the Canadian studio Cradle Games. In this regard, the company published a fresh trailer and recalled the main features of the game. In the Hellpoint world, there was a destructive quantum cataclysm. People around have gone mad because their thoughts and bodies have merged with alternative versions of themselves from parallel universes. To the place of the catastrophe, powerful beings from other dimensions also arrived – it seems that there is nothing good to expect from them.

The main character comes to life on the abandoned space station “Irid Novo”, which rotates in the orbit of a supermassive black hole. Once “Irid Novo” was a beacon of intergalactic cooperation – here they studied artificial intelligence and quantum mechanics. But now the station has turned into an abandoned place, which the gods of the cosmos put into service. Apparently, the black hole is the key advantage of Hellpoint. The station revolves around it in real time. This changes the gameplay: depending on the location of the black hole, the inhabitants of “Irid Novo” can become more aggressive, and where there was nothing before, unknown entities will appear and mysterious events will occur. Black hole – like a master of dungeons in Hellpoint, say the developers.

In addition, Hellpoint has a multiplayer for two – both cooperative and competitive. On all platforms, multi-user mode is available as a split screen, although network connections seem to be also provided.

In April 2017 Hellpoint went through Kickstarter and collected 63,553 Canadian dollars there. The minimum bar was the sum of 50,000 Canadian dollars.

Hellpoint will be released in 2019 on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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