Square Enix will team up with Tencent to create new games

Square Enix
Square Enix announced a strategic cooperation with China’s Tencent Holdings Limited – hostess of Tencent Games, the largest video game company in the world. The Japanese publishing house hopes that in this way it will be able to discover new horizons.

As the official press release says, the Square Enix group of companies is constantly looking for ways to bring unique entertainment to fans around the world. With Tencent, the Japanese will create a joint venture that will accelerate the development of various business lines of Square Enix.

Among these “business areas” there are games: Square Enix and Tencent will be engaged in the production of AAA blockbusters based on fresh franchises, and will also license existing intellectual property.

In a press release, it is emphasized a couple of times that Tencent Holdings Limited is an Internet service provider, and partner projects with Square Enix will somehow use the network capabilities of the Chinese corporation. Apparently, the mentioned new AAA-games somehow involve multiplayer elements.

Other details will be announced later, when the joint venture will make some progress.

Recall that Tencent – so huge and powerful corporate beast that his help resorted to Activision and Ubisoft. The division of Tencent Games owns the vast majority of the shares of Grinding Gear Games, Riot Games and Supercell, as well as minority interest in Activision Blizzard, Bluehole, Epic Games, Ubisoft and other companies.

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