Anthem: Fresh Trailer


The creators of Anthem from BioWare held a public conference of their upcoming novelty on PAX West, where they talked about the plot, dialogues and the structure of the world of the game. After the developers showed a new trailer, which briefly presented fresh details. In the video, voice-over voice reports that Anthem is an unusual hybrid of the traditional story role-playing game and a multiplayer action movie. The gamer as a freelancer will perform tasks and make fateful decisions, but their consequences will be reflected only in Fort Tharsis – a unique hub location for every player.

According to the journalist Kotaku, the dialogues in Anthem are quite primitive. In fact, they are reduced to two options, remotely appropriate “yes” and “no.” Depending on the selected answers, the characters will change their attitude towards the player, and the fortress – the appearance. Apparently, these “consequences” will be limited, because they will not quarrel with someone else. At least, because of this, no task becomes unavailable. In fact, decisions in no way affect the missions themselves. But outside the walls of Tarsis the world is already common for all – it can be combined into groups with other freelancers, going on errands, destroying dangerous creatures and hostile fighters, or simply exploring the environment in search of values. According to the developers, the world will evolve simultaneously for all its inhabitants, including players.

Another important news was the announcement of the release date of the demo version of Anthem. On February 1, subscribers of EA Access and Origin Access will be able to download it, as well as pre-order subscribers. At the same time in BioWare do not exclude that before they will try to test the game within the alpha or beta testing.
Anthem will be released on February 22 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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