Blizzard is working on a large-budget action


In the description of the next Blizzard vacancy, users found hints of another company project currently under development. Apparently, this is the fifth unannounced game of the studio. For a new project, Blizzard is looking for professionals who have created compelling detailed scenery for modern AAA projects and demonstrated their skills in designing an outstanding level design. A great advantage will be the experience with the rhythm of the game and narration through the environment, as well as a simple human love for action on consoles and PCs.

Apparently, the fifth game is at an early stage of development, there is still a lot of work ahead. Other unannounced Blizzard games are two mobile projects, the next Diablo (presumably Diablo IV) and a new first-person competitive shooter with transport and animals (presumably, the Overwatch storyline campaign). Whether the fifth game is based on any of the already known Blizzard universes is unknown. Perhaps, as in the case of Overwatch, the company will present a completely new intellectual property.

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