Hitman 2 was first sent to the jungle


The company IO Interactive introduced a new trailer for its game about the hired killer HITMAN 2. In the video, the developers first showed a new open level in the dense Colombian jungle with green vegetation. The authors of the game Hitman 2 showed a new spacious level in South America, which is completely covered with thick lush vegetation. For gamers in Hitman 2, this will offer truly new opportunities, an abundance of diverse ways to accomplish tasks, and unusual threats that have not been encountered in previous games of the series. For example, the 47th will be able to hide in high grass, unexpectedly eliminate enemies, and hide their bodies in thickets or rivers.

The release of the game Hitman 2 on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 will be held on November 13 this year. Unlike the previous game of the series, this time the project will not be distributed according to the episodic model, but gamers will immediately receive all levels.

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