AMD is preparing a budget hybrid processor Athlon 200GE


Earlier in the year, rumors were circulating that AMD was preparing the APU Athlon 200GE. A hybrid processor (i.e. with its own graphics) should receive, as claimed, two cores, an SMT multithreading mode and a 3.2 GHz frequency, and a GPU Vega 3 with 192 stream processors.


And, it seems, it’s true. Moreover, the novelty will be released this week, on September 6. The latest data indicates that the processor is equipped with 4 MB of L3 cache and a DDR4-2933 memory controller. Heat supply will be 35 W, and the estimated cost – 55 dollars. On sale, it will appear on the 18th.

And considering that at one time the Athlons competed with the Pentium and confidently bypassed Celeron, we can assume that the novelty will be very interesting. Especially if it can be overclocked (the old Athlon did it well).

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