Valve again ready to focus on video games


Portal IGN managed to talk with programmers Artifact Jeep Barnett (Jeep Barnett) and Brandon Reinhart (Brandon Reinhart). Apparently, the most interesting part of the dialogue concerned not the card game, but Valve’s plans for the near future. As the developers told, Valve is well aware of jokes like Half-Life 3 confirmed and the audience’s prejudice that the company does nothing and lazily splashes in the ocean of money that Steam generates. However, this is not true, Reinhart assures.

According to him, the misconception appeared due to the fact that in recent years Valve has invested in areas that are not very visible to ordinary gamers. For example, the company took on the improvement of user support on Steam – it was supposedly a very difficult problem, and it took a lot of time and labor to solve the problem. However, now, continues Reinhart, Valve is in a position in which she can again engage in the production of games. The company wants to dispel that prejudice and release high-quality entertainment – they will prove that Valve does not sit idly by.

To produce games, too, it takes time. For example, Artifact began to develop in 2015, and it starts only three years later. But now, says Reinhart, Valve has done away with behind-the-scenes business, so the public will often see all sorts of interesting things. They should appear in the next few years. Recall that the words of Reinhart generally confirm the statement of Gabe Newell: Valve, they say, is going to release games again. So Artifact can become only the first swallow of a whole flock of company projects. Cartoons for Dota 2 will be launched on Steam on November 28.

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