The “Battle of the King” for Battlefield V is made by the creators of Burnout and co-authors of Star Wars Battlefront II


In August, an employee of Electronic Arts mentioned that the “Battle of the Battle” mode for Battlefield V, now known as Firestorm, was not created by BF fathers from DICE, but by another team. In today’s article, EA and DICE were told who is rethinking popular entertainment for BFV.

As it turned out, the team Criterion Games is working on Firestorm. Players remember the studio primarily racing – on her account Burnout, Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012 and other car arcades. However, over the fighters Criterion also managed to work – in 2006, she released Black for Xbox and PlayStation 2, and in recent years, helped DICE with Star Wars Battlefront II.

• “The Battle of the King” is designed for 64 people. Modes for singles or duets are not provided yet – only for detachments of four fighters in each.
• After the groups are disembarked, the fire ring begins to taper.
• The level for Firestorm is the largest in the series. The card supports destructibility.
• You can move around in the area not only on foot but also on vehicles, including tanks.
• Matches are tied to the pumping of your soldiers in the main multiplayer. How exactly, while it is unclear – the creators write that at the beginning of the game all are dropped to the level without weapons.

Judging by the description, other elements of the traditional Battlefield will also leak into Firestorm. On the map, the targets will appear, as in the “Capture” mode. Some points are defined by the authors in advance, while others arise randomly. The objects can be found in supplies, weapons, and transport.

With the local “Royal Battle” is associated with a thematic bonus for pre-order – a set of ranger Firestorm. It includes a light form, glasses, and dagger MKIII (S). Use these items will be allowed in other modes.

Battlefield V will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 20. The beta testing shooter has already started.

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