Heavy Metal Machines acquired the release date


The authors of the racing MOBA-action Heavy Metal Machines from the company Hoplon rush to announce the good news – the release of the game will take place on September 19. In honor of the early launch, the developers introduced a new development system – Metal Pass.

Metal Pass will appear in the game on the day of release. You will be offered tasks, distributed over 50 levels of skill. For their implementation, different rewards are assumed – appearance, in-game currency, portraits, multipliers of experience and so on. “Metal subscription” is available for free, but you can shell out for a premium subscription and gain access to more assignments and prizes. According to Hoplon, the release is just the beginning. Heavy Metal Machines will be regularly replenished with fresh content. In addition, the authors intend to develop an e-sports direction and conduct tournaments on HMM.

Recall that in Heavy Metal Machines on the track faced two teams of four players in each. The task is to intercept the bomb and throw it at the enemy base. You can choose one of 14 characters. Each hero drives a unique car and has special skills.

Touch Heavy Metal Machines allow now – the game is in the open beta.

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