The adaptation of Final Fantasy XV was released on the consoles


Square Enix shows us an amazing trick! Watch your fingers: first the company released a big and expensive Final Fantasy XV for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, then came up with a simplified visual style, remade key scenes for it, chopped it into episodes and thus transferred the game to smartphones. And now this mobile version comes back to the console!

The Japanese company announced Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD. The edition includes 10 episodes – apparently, all that were on mobile phones. Of the improvements, an only high resolution is mentioned.

In addition, Pocket Edition HD will be released on the Nintendo Switch, but when exactly, it is still unclear. According to one theory, the Nintendo console version should have been shown on the Nintendo Direct broadcast with the addition “available now”. However, in Japan, there was a destructive Typhoon “Jabi”, so Nintendo Direct was postponed for several days. Therefore, the Pocket Edition HD for the Switch was moved along with the broadcast.

The version of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD for Steam is not mentioned. In the Windows 10 store, the game is available from early June.

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