Video diary from the developers of Twin Mirror


DONTNOD Entertainment and Bandai Namco published the first episode of their video diaries. Although it is called the first, in reality, there were two commercials – in July there was a zero release. It is immediately evident that the French create a complex psychological thriller, not for the average minds!

The protagonist of Twin Mirror is the reporter Samuel Higgs. He returns to the funeral of his best friend in Basswood’s hometown of West Virginia. In a small homeland, the protagonist will understand that you can not really return home, but at the same time, the house never lets you go completely.

Once Basswood was a developing industrial city, but production ceased, and the populated area collapsed. The dying backwater, the complex relationship between the locals and the protagonist, who became hostage to the circumstances, are the main attributes of Twin Mirror, which DONTNOD describes as a noir story.

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