AMD video card with GPU Vega 20 can get xGMI interface


The WCCF Tech publication informs that the future video card based on the Vega 20 GPU (unofficial name) can receive the new proprietary xGMI (Inter-Chip Global Memory Interconnect) interface, which allows combining several video cards into a single system.

This is mentioned in the latest AMD driver for Linux, and the xGMI interface itself should be the answer to NVLINA’s NVIDIA development. However, so far there is no information about the capacity or other technical aspects. It is also unclear whether this is an extension of the existing CrossFire or its replacement.

Some experts assume a speed of 64 to 100 GB / s, and the bus itself will be universal: its application is planned in the GPU and CPU, but only for server purposes. Also note that Vega 20, presented in June, is positioned as a computational accelerator, not a graphics solution, therefore, it is not worth waiting for the new products to appear in the consumer market soon.

Information about the possible date of appearance, too, yet. However, judging by the early leaks, the novelty is not destined to appear this year. By the way, according to some sources, the accelerator can get PCIe 4.0 support.

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