For a week the player in SCUM fattened his character to 200 kilograms


In late August, “Early Access” Steam came out “survivor” SCUM. Its distinctive feature is an imitation of physiological processes in the character’s body: the hero must eat right, maintaining the right level of nutrients, and cope with big and small needs. Such a detailed system gives a wide scope for experiments, and one of the players did not fail to use it. User Reddit under the name BillyMitchell69 posted a screenshot with the statistics of his hero. At the moment, the mass of the “survivor” is 200 kilograms!

The player shared the secret of his success with PC Gamer: “Basically, I just lie on the ground and eat fat.” BillyMitchell69 feeds the hero fat until his stomach is nearly full, almost 100%, waits and then repeats the procedure. In the world of SCUM, you can hunt zombies and wild animals. The extracted corpse is allowed to chop into pieces – meat, bones, guts, and pieces of fat. For the most part, the fat man eats just zombie fat. Also, the user found a gun and a rifle, from which he sometimes manages to shoot a deer or wild boar. Previously, a gamer tried to give his experimental oil, including vegetable, but faster than the hero did not carry it.

The metabolic system in SCUM clearly needs improvement – despite the fact that the character continues to gain weight, the amount of fat in the body invariably fluctuates between 39-43 kilos. Most likely, in the future we will hear many more funny stories from SCUM – on September 5, the official “Twitter” of the game said that 700 thousand users have already joined the “survivor”.

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