Microsoft named the date of presentation of new laptops

Microsoft Corporation has sent invitations to journalists for the presentation of new Surface devices. According to Engadget, it is extremely laconic and contains only the phrase “Minute attention” and date: October 2.

The invitation does not specify which devices will be presented, however, most likely, it’s about upgrading the devices, that is, about the new Surface Laptop, Surface Book and Surface Pro. Also, most likely, the company will show new software solutions.


Unfortunately, the appearance of Surface Phone is unlikely. However, the company clearly does not hurry to bring new smartphones to the oversaturated market. Although I must say, devices like the Nokia 9000 series communicators in our time would be very useful.

The more we learn in a couple of weeks, so we stock ourselves with patience. We should note that the company postponed the announcement for a month. This may be due to the upcoming presentation of Apple.

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