The authors of Call of Cthulhu showed the whole hour of the game process


As part of gamescom 2018, Cyanide showed the trailer of the gameplay of the future horror Call of Cthulhu. Now the developers have submitted a recording of the passage of the beginning of the game.

In the published video – almost an hour of the gameplay and developer comments about the future release. Actually, apart from them, we almost do not hear anything. But we see how gloomy the Call of Cthulhu looks even when a private detective Edward Pearce just talks with witnesses and suspects.

Players will investigate the tragic death of the Hopkins family. To do this, they will go to a mysterious mansion on the island of Darkwater. Detective Pierce will be able to explore the island, communicate with its inhabitants, develop their own skills and go a little crazy. However, what kind of lover Lovecraft and the horror will give up a bit of insanity, which blurs the line of reality and provides atmospheric episodes.
Call of Cthulhu is released on October 30 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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