Trailer of the game Project Awakening with the most modern graphics at the level of CGI-movies

Project Awakening

The development company Cygames announced its new game called Project Awakening, and also introduced the first trailer.

In the first clip to the game, Project Awakening showed some picturesque places, as well as an unknown knight. The trailer hero almost all the video fights with a creature that is very similar to a dragon but without wings. At the end of the video, the same knight alone faces the impending danger in the form of some silhouettes approaching in the fog. It is worth noting that this project was demonstrated at the E3 2018, but behind closed doors. Then it was reported that the game is far from over, as the developers so far only worked, mainly on the overall concept and engine.

Project Awakening is a new RPG game in a fantasy setting. The developers promise to make the game the most modern graphics, which will be in no way inferior to CGI-movies. However, almost nothing is known about the game itself at the moment. It is noted that the CyGames studio has assembled a team of developers with extensive experience in the design to create a dream game. Now the company is working hard on Project Awakening to bring a fresh approach to the creation of fantasy RPG games.

Project Awakening does not have a release date. In addition, from the platforms on which the project will definitely come out, as long as only the PlayStation 4 is listed.

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