Half-Life: Project Lambda is already available for download


Russian fans of the series Half-Life, as well as ordinary gamers, it was possible to download a new project for free Half-Life: Project Lambda, developed on the engine Unreal Engine 4.

The team of SilverTM enthusiasts said that they finally managed to finish the development of Half-Life: Project Lambda, and therefore everyone can download the project for free and evaluate the efforts of developers. They completely recreated on the new engine the first chapter of the famous shooter Half-Life, developed by the company Valve. Therefore it is worth noting that the general interactivity will be limited since the first chapter is devoted to a train trip. Gamers can not yet interact with a large number of objects, as well as shoot at enemies and aliens. However, you can definitely admire the improved graphics of the game to understand what the Half-Life remake can be like on a modern engine.

According to the developers, they want to continue to develop their project Half-Life: Project Lambda, and accordingly begin to recreate the second chapter. However, they will start to work in the event that they understand that the first chapter really liked gamers, and also if it is downloaded by a large number of people. It is worth noting that the first chapter was developed for many months, and therefore, if the team SilverTM will begin to develop the next part, then players should be patient.

Link to the project: SilverTM

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