In Daemonical offer to play for free


The players on the PC have a new opportunity to completely test the horror Daemonical for free, in which they can host a deadly demon.

The developer company Fearem has offered gamers an absolutely free opportunity to play in their project Daemonical, which is currently in early access. The Daemonical game is already available in the Steam game service, and in order to download it and start playing, you need to go to the project page under your account and click on the “Play for free” button.

This offer is available for a limited time and will last until September 17th. During the validity period of the free weekend event for the full version of the Daemonical game, an additional 25% discount applies. It is worth noting that now the game on Steam is mostly positive feedback from the first players, although the game had time to try a few. For the first time, the project was released only on August 15.

The Daemonical game will put gamers on a dangerous uninhabited island with other survivors who discover an unfinished daemon summoning ritual. The ritual frees the mysterious demonic essence that is infused into one of the players. After that, gamers need to perform an exorcism rite before the demon destroys each of them.

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