Developers Just Cause 4 talked about the world of games


Avalanche Studios posted on its YouTube channel another video about Just Cause 4. The authors went into detail about the game “sandbox” in all its diversity.

As the developers already mentioned earlier, the action of Just Cause 4 unfolds in the fictional state of Solis, created under inspiration from South America. Solis consists of four biomes:

• Mountains – a local analog of the Andes. This area is characterized by winding roads and an abundance of snow, on which you can ride a snowmobile. Periodically in the mountains raging storms.

• Rainforests – the largest region in Just Cause 4. This biome is characterized by dense forests, and its unique weather phenomenon is a tropical storm.

• Avalanche compares meadows with Argentine pampas. This is the most densely populated part of Solis. Here, in front of your eyes, you will see big cities with skyscrapers, farms, as well as fields of corn, wheat, and other crops. From time to time a tornado sweeps across the meadows.

• The lowest place on the map went to the desert. Among its features, the creators celebrate unusual landscapes that cause associations with other planets. Outlandish species can hide a sandstorm that greatly reduces visibility.

Explore the expanses of Solis can be from December 4 – it is on this day Just Cause 4 will look at the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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