New Vegas based on Fallout 4


Fallout 4: New Vegas is a modification whose global purpose is clear from the title: to completely recreate New Vegas on the basis of Fallout 4. Some successes already have authors: they showed the character formation scene. Recall that the main character of Fallout: New Vegas – the courier. He had to deliver a platinum chip, but he was shot along the way. The protagonist miraculously remains alive: the robot-securitron pulls the dying courier to Dr. Mitchell, who brings him to life.

In the video below and show the episode, when Mitchell helps the hero to recover. You as a player at this moment come up with your character: choose a name and appearance, set the starting characteristics and specify perks. The authors of the project had to re-sound Dr. Mitchell: as the story with The Capital Wasteland showed, in amateur creations, one can not use the original voice tracks that Bethesda recorded. As a result, instead of Michael Hogan Mitchell in Fallout 4: New Vegas became Dominic James.

Do not confuse this Fallout 4: New Vegas and another, in which the main character went from Goodswings to Primm. The projects had different teams with a similar goal, but the second team abandoned their venture.

The release date for Fallout 4: New Vegas is not yet indicated. But it has another global modification – New California for the original Fallout: New Vegas.


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