Nintendo continues to do strange things with the subscription of Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

September 19, Nintendo will finally launch a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online: it will be mandatory for those who want to play in multiplayer. The company tried to sweeten the restriction with pleasant bonuses, but even then managed to spoil a lot. Together with Nintendo Switch Online, users will be presented with a catalog of games with NES. During the launch, he will offer 20 entertainments, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Double Dragon, and then will be replenished every month. In games with NES, even network multiplayer will be built.

The catch is that the NES directory will require you to more or less regularly connect to the Internet. Classic games can run without access to the Network for seven days, and then the system will need to verify that your Nintendo Switch Online subscription is still active. As noted by Eurogamer, games that are given through Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, work quietly without the Network, if loaded on the home console. Exclusively for subscribers of Nintendo Switch offer controllers in the style of NES. They will cost $ 60, and each set, apparently, includes just two such gamepads. However, they, as the note on the Nintendo website says, can be used exclusively for NES games, which are distributed within the framework of Nintendo Switch Online.

On the one hand, the restriction is understandable: the buttons on these controllers will not suffice to control any The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. On the other hand, on the Nintendo Switch, there are games with like for classics, which are completely placed in the format of the NES gamepad. Among such – Shovel Knight, very popular on consoles Nintendo. So the barrier still looks superfluous. Finally, Nintendo Switch Online includes cloud-based storage. We already know one nuance associated with them: the “cloud” will not include for all games. And now the second discrepancy has also been revealed: Nintendo reserves the right to delete your cloud backups if you have run out of the subscription.

And the company writes about this rather blurry: the storage time of “saves” is not specified, and instead uses the wording “We can not guarantee that your cloud data will be preserved for a long period after the end of your subscription.” Nintendo only emphasizes that no one will attempt to local “saves” – they say, if that, use them. After the gamer expires PlayStation Plus, Sony preserves cloud conservation for another six months. Microsoft has a similar function in general free of charge and does not require Xbox Live Gold.

To the above troubles, Nintendo Switch Online should add social features, which are rendered in a separate application for smartphones. Through the phone, Nintendo suggests using voice communication with friends and collecting multiplayer lobbies.

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