Tetris of the new generation – Tetris Effect

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During the final countdown in front of the E3 2018 Sony announced Tetris Effect – a new embodiment of Tetris. Today the game has got the release date.

“Twitter” studio-developer Enhance Games reports that Tetris Effect will rush into the release on November 9. Play it will be as in the PlayStation VR, and PlayStation 4 without additional devices. More details about the project the authors promise to tell “soon”.

Recall that the creation of Tetris Effect is led by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who gave the world Rez Infinite and Lumines. A fresh incarnation of Tetris will offer several modes and a thick stack of levels – no less than three dozen. From other fun about folding blocks of different shapes, Tetris Effect is characterized by rich visual design and relaxing music. Together with VR, all this beauty will surely make the classic arcade entertainment pleasant and peaceful. It is pleasant and peaceful.

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