Capcom has closed developers of the last parts of the Dead Rising


This morning it became known that Capcom had canceled all projects of its team in Vancouver, including the fifth part of Dead Rising, and officially presented to the public. This happened six months after the massive layoffs in the studio.
However, just representatives of the Japanese company in the comments to the edition of GameDaily confirmed the complete closure of Capcom Vancouver and the dismissal of all employees. Apparently, the decision was made after consideration of projects under development. In the future, the publishing house intends to develop the majority of major games in its home country.

Capcom Vancouver is mainly known for working on Dead Rising – she “picked up” the series from the second part and has since been developing it. Unfortunately, all these years the popularity of the brand (as well as the quality of its products, judging from the data of aggregators) only fell. And Dead Rising 4 and completely turned for Capcom a real failure.

Perhaps the fifth part of the series (or its restart) will still be released, but the Japanese will be responsible for the creation of the original Dead Rising.

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