Nvidia showed in Metro: Exodus the graphics of the new generation


Company Nvidia has published a new video of the expected shooter Metro: Exodus, which demonstrated photorealistic graphics of the new generation.

In the new video, Nvidia, in conjunction with the 4A Games studio on the Metro engine: Exodus, showed players the real-time ray tracing technology that allows creating photorealistic graphics. The video compares the same locations with the video card of the new RTX line, as well as without it. Thanks to the technology of ray tracing, the developer managed to create a completely new level of global lighting. In real time, the game engine processes all dynamic light sources, so that the locations look almost like in real life. Developers drew the attention of gamers to the shadows, which became softer, more detailed and vary depending on the number of light sources and their location.

Many users were amazed by new technologies. Some of them believe that game developer should focus on ray tracing and implement them in all future projects. Other gamers, on the contrary, rated the design level without the technology series of video cards Nvidia RTX. Many locations seemed to them more beautiful without tracing rays, though not all.

Post-apocalyptic shooter Metro: Exodus about the destroyed by a nuclear war will be released on February 22, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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