Train Station Renovation – specially for train lovers



Ilon Mask still does not begin to build his hyper lump, so that the inhabitants of the Earth have to rely on the good old railway communication. However, the infrastructure of the settlements is changing, and individual railway branches and stations come to desolation. Independent studio Renovators Lab decided to put an end to this.

In the new simulator Train Station Renovation at our disposal will get such an abandoned dilapidated station. Players will be able to bring order to them: remove trash, repair buildings, furnish new furniture. The trains will not be left without attention either. We have to repair the roads and wagons and bring them to a fresh look. And then, when everything is ready and the updated branch will be included in the general railway system, we will be allowed to ride on the newly repaired station on a freshly painted train!

Game Train Station Renovation will be released on Steam on February 5, 2019. So far it is not known whether the modders will be able to add their own railway stations to the game.

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