Crossout kicked off the event “Knights of the Road”


Periodically, on the expanses of the online action game Crossout, the representatives of the Knecht faction drop in, ready to give players access to new details and weapons. Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games report that yesterday in the game the “Knights of the Roads” event was launched, in which the bollards again honored Crossout with their visit. In the new chivalric season, “armored vehicles” are offered to buy the “Contact 2M” detail – it allows to connect two or more cars. Thanks to the novelty, you can collect a multi-wheeled monster, hung with different types of weapons – long-range guns, machine guns, chainsaws and so on. You can experience such a steel snake in team battles.The bollards brought with them other curious patterns. Among them:

• 200-kilogram “Revolver” – its last projectile inflicts triple damage to the enemy;
• Plasma emitter “Helios”, causing additional damage to the opponent, if the whole turn got into his armored car;
• Shotgun “Nidhegg”, whose power is increased along with the speed of transport, on which the gun is mounted;
• Radar “Oculus IV” – the device warns of enemies that you do not see.

In order to make the listed details, including “Contact 2M”, you need a knight’s machine. Rent it is allowed for thalers, which you can earn by passing the PvP mission “Knights of the Wasteland”. The more significant your success on the results of the assignment, the higher the reward. The event “Knights of the roads” will last until October 4. Read more about it on the official Crossout website.

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