In China, without explanation, blocked Twitch


The Chinese government does not stand on ceremony with foreign resources – YouTube, Google, Reddit, and Facebook are banned in China. Recently, a streaming site was joined by a Twitch streaming site. According to Abacus, this week the mobile application Twitch disappeared from the Chinese App Store, and the service site stopped downloading. In the comments for Abacus representative, Twitch confirmed – the pad was indeed blocked.

Curiously, the ban was followed several weeks after the take-off of the popularity of the service – its application took the third place among the free programs in the App Store. From August 18 to September 2, there were electronic games of Asian Games, and many Asian users joined Twitch to watch tournaments. As a result of the competition, Chinese cyber-attacks won two gold medals. The reason for locking the platform is unknown. Some users are sure that the Chinese authorities continue to choke on freedom of speech. Also, there is an opinion that thus the state tries to overcome the game dependence – the PRC citizens spend so much time behind different screens, including hanging in games, that their vision is rapidly deteriorating.

Recall that in late August, the Ministry of Education of China has set out to impose restrictions on the number of online games coming out in China. Authorities do this ostensibly in order to protect children from myopia.

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