World War 3 Early Steam Access in October and 26 Minutes of Attack & Defend Gameplay


The Farm 51 is a Polish studio developing the World War 3 online shooter. Today the developers announced the release date of the game in Steam Early Access. World War 3 will go to conquer “Early Access” on October 19. Also, the Poles called the price of the action movie – $ 28.

Recall that World War 3 is dedicated to the modern military conflict. The game is clearly designed for fans of Battlefield 3 and 4 – in Warzone mode, it offers quite an arcade action, in which dozens of foot soldiers take part, as well as air and ground equipment. The second claimed mode is Recon: this is another variation on the theme of the “Royal Battle”, which almost every studio trying to re-invent is responsible for multiplayer projects. At the gamescom 2018 “YouTube” and journalists were allowed to war in World War 3 and record gameplay videos. Some of these videos can be viewed here.

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