12-year-old student has already played in Fallout 76


It became known that one 12-year-old student has already played in the full version of the game Fallout 76 before all other players. The representatives of Bethesda themselves allowed the teenager to realize his dream.

The event occurred with a 12-year-old schoolboy named Wes from Virginia, USA, who is currently in the fourth stage of neuroblastoma. The diagnosis was put to the child in 5 years, and recently the doctors stated that further treatment does not make sense. Wes was very upset because the teenager is unlikely to live a few months before the full release of Fallout 76, a major game in his favorite series. Then the developers from Bethesda learned about this and decided to immediately implement one of the desires of the child.

285895.jpgPhoto from the scene

Matt Grandstaff, assistant director of Bethesda, drove 4 hours from the company’s office to bring home to Wes not only a copy of Fallout 76, which the student could play two months before the release, but also a prototype helmet of Power Armor, which will be included in a special edition of the game. The helmet was signed by Todd Howard. The developer himself spent a few hours with Wes on the game in Fallout 76, which made the boy noticeably happier.

Release Fallout 76 is scheduled for November 14 on the platforms of PC, Xbox One and PS4. According to Pete Hines, the support of Fallout 76 developers will last forever and will rely heavily on reviews of the gaming community.

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