In Devil May Cry 5 decided to add micropayments and upset the fans


At the Tokyo Game Show 2018, developers of Devil May Cry 5 disclosed the possibility of paying real money for the transfer of characters by microtransactions. The creators of the slasher Devil May Cry 5 told fans that the game will be able to spend real money. Gamers will be able to buy micropayments – Red Orbs, which are needed to acquire and improve combat skills. Developers assure that any gamer will be able to completely complete the game without additional spending. Buying Red Spots will save time for busy players who want to unlock more abilities. The developers have not yet decided on the prices for the Red areas.

Hideaki Itsuno, director of the game Devil May Cry 5, talked about the system of hero development. He claims that he tried with his team to create different variants of passage for gamers. Some can pay, others pump the cheapest skills, and someone will want to accumulate more Red spheres in order to acquire expensive movements or abilities. The latter will be in a position with a limited number of skills. With this in mind, the developers created a special combat mechanics. Even with a small amount of skills the player will not be bored to play since he will have more time to improve the game style. They will be able to bring to the ideal the application of available skills and known combos.

At TGS 2018, Capcom introduced new gameplay videos Devil May Cry 5, including Dante’s battle with the boss. The game will be released on March 8, 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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