Called the cost of the iPhone XS Max


TechInsights experts have estimated the cost of the components of the new flagship smartphone Apple. For this, the iPhone XS Max with 256 built-in memory was disassembled. The total cost of the components reached $ 443 at a retail price of US $ 1249. In general, the starting price for the iPhone XS Max is $ 1099 for a version with 64 GB. For last year’s iPhone X with 64 GB, TechInsights counted the cost price of $ 395.


All the main components of the iPhone XS Max were slightly more expensive than the iPhone X. The most expensive was the display, it costs $ 80.50. In second place is the 7-nanometer Apple A12 Bionic processor for $ 72. Note, before blaming Apple for acquisitiveness and the pursuit of super-profits, you need to take into account a small nuance. Such calculations do not take into account such costs of the manufacturer as the development of hardware and software, design, logistics, and marketing.

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