Collection Castlevania Requiem will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4


Recently, the Korean age commission issued a rating of Castlevania Requiem – a collection of classic Castlevania. And now Konami is ripe before the official announcement. Castlevania Requiem includes two games: Rondo of Blood 1993 and Symphony of the Night 1997. They have a common storyline, so they are bundled together for a reason. In Rondo of Blood, the vampire hunter Richter Belmont saves his beloved from Dracula’s clutches, and in Symphony of the Night, the protagonist moves from Richter to Alucarda, the son of Dracula.

As the PlayStation blog writes, Rondo of Blood is praised for the design of levels and pleasant sensations from overcoming difficulties. And Symphony of the Night is trivial, one of the best games of all time. Castlevania Requiem games are emulated, but enjoy the benefits of PlayStation 4. For example, the picture is customized for 1080p and 4K, high-resolution images appear in the background, there are several modes graphics (like smoothing) and full support for achievements, including a difficult “platinum”. In addition, the collection uses the analog stick, vibration, and speaker in DualShock 4.

Set Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood will be released on October 26 exclusively in the digital store PlayStation 4.

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