Forza Horizon 4 launch trailer


Few days remain before the release of Forza Horizon 4, so Microsoft is launching a classic information bombardment – shows a trailer for the exit, talks about development plans and offers a look at critics reviews. Some gamers jokingly call Forza Horizon 4 “The Witcher” from the world of racing, but the joke looks like the truth if you look at the first estimates.

Among the statements in the reviews are “a game from car lovers for car lovers”, “an outstanding and almost perfect racing game, one of the best games of the year”, “a fascinating racing fantasy”, “more focused and creative than its predecessors”, “a better race, with which I will compare all future games of the genre, “” the best exclusive Xbox One in the history of the console. ” True, some believe that the idea of ​​changing the seasons slightly failed, and the game as a whole will not be disturbed by some updates. Updates will definitely be: The Playground is going to add cars, avatar items, racing events and conduct “Forzafona” tests with special awards, including unique cars. In addition, the editor of the racing routes will appear on October 25, a new storyline of the races and the celebration of Halloween will begin.

Forza Horizon 4 will open its doors on September 28 for Ultimate Edition owners and October 2 for everyone else. Recall that from the first day the game will be a paid addition to the James Bond cars. In addition, you can try out the demo version (including on Windows 10) and decide for yourself if you need such a race.

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