Rockstar talked about hunting, fishing, and horses at Red Dead Redemption 2


On the eve of Rockstar Games, she began sharing information about wild and domestic animals living in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. In the game, you can find about 200 species of animals, birds, and fish. All of them have unique habits – scavengers sniff out corpses, possums pretend to be dead, wolves attack in packs, surrounding the victim, and so on. Representatives of the fauna form a full-fledged ecosystem within which the struggle for survival does not stop.

The protagonist Arthur Morgan knows how to track down animals and fish. During the hunt, you need to follow the direction of the wind so that the beast does not smell the smell of the protagonist. Also important are the choice of weapons and the accuracy of shooting – they affect the quality of the skin and meat, and this, in turn, determines the price of production from the merchants. For pure murder, you should arm yourself with a bow or pick up a rifle with cartridges of the caliber that is best suited for. If you do not manage to put some deer in the first hit, you will have to look for it by blood stains and other tracks.

After successful hunting, prey is allowed to be refreshed and stripped in place or carried away entirely. If you carry the carcass with you for too long, the smell of decomposition will attract scavengers. Skins, meat and other animal products can be sold or taken to a camp to feed associates of the van der Linde gang. In addition, from this stuff, you can create clothes and other items. If you prefer fishing to hunt, you will be waiting for a lot of fish in local waters. They all peck at different baits.

On the expanses of RDR2, horses of 19 breeds – appaloosa, mustangs, Arab and others. They also differ in characteristics and behavior. You can catch and ride a horse yourself, buy it in a stable or steal it.

The horse is your true friend, so you need to feed and clean it. Over time, the horse will become more obedient, faster and more enduring. The developers introduced 50 suits and a lot of customization options — saddles, stirrups, spurs, and so on. Your personal Roach is also important because Morgan doesn’t carry a whole arsenal – the additional weapon is kept by the saddle. In addition, the mare is allowed to transport costumes, masks, hats, as well as a small and large game.

The single-player campaign of Red Dead Redemption 2 will honor the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a visit on October 26th. Those who are interested in the Red Dead Online network will have to wait until the November beta.

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