Telltale stopped selling TWD: The Final Season and the employee sued the company


The fate of the final season of The Walking Dead remains unknown: the studio seems to have published the release schedule for all four episodes, released the second episode yesterday according to the plan, but the remaining two risks not to appear at all. First, Telltale told that she is looking for help from partners, and now she has stopped selling The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

The corresponding mark appeared on the page of the game on “Telltale asked to temporarily suspend sales of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. For all the latest details, go to their official Twitter page. ”

yh2UDa9jX.pngThe same page from the site

In addition, according to Polygon, a former Telltale employee Verny Roberts sues the company on behalf of himself and his colleagues. Roberts is confident that Telltale has violated the laws of the state of California where the studio is located. Federal law requires large companies to notify their employees about the closure or mass layoffs 60 days prior to these processes. In California, a company of 75 people or more is considered large, and layoffs of 50 employees and more within 30 days are recorded in mass.

Roberts also claims that Telltale ousted 275 employees without prior warnings — that is, she did exactly what the California law prohibits. In addition, the conditions for dismissal were harsh: no compensation was paid, and medical insurance was valid only until the end of the month. Note that in the United States, medical insurance is particularly important.

However, Telltale has a chance to win a case in court. California may make an exception to the rule if the events that led to the layoffs were unexpected. Variety writes that Telltale died after investors from Lionsgate refused further cash injections. In February 2015, according to Variety sources, Lionsgate invested $ 40 million into Telltale: it was assumed that the companies would work together on a kind of “super show” – a tape with live actors and interaction in the spirit of Telltale.

However, by September 2018, Lionsgate had lost interest in the idea and did not continue to invest in Telltale. In addition, the day before the fateful Friday, Telltale allegedly hoped for financial support from the AMC channel and Koreans from Smilegate. But at the very last moment, they also refused to invest, although the leadership of Telltale seemed that the deal with AMC was practically signed. That is why, say the sources of Variety, the ground abruptly went from under Telltale’s feet, and literally the next day mass layoffs began.

Perhaps the indifference of investors will come down for unforeseen circumstances in court, so Telltale in this case will go dry out of the water. However, as everything will turn out in reality, it is still unknown.

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