Xbox One prepares to support keyboard and mouse in games


Xbox One and Windows 10 have a lot in common even now: you can buy games on two platforms at once, saving is transferred between devices, there is a common multiplayer. And soon the Xbox One will have another detail that brings it closer to computers – keyboard and mouse support. In the official Xbox blog, Microsoft announced that in the coming weeks, volunteers from the Xbox Insiders will be able to try out the keyboard on the Xbox One family of consoles. Prefixes recognize most keyboards and mice with a wired or wireless connection via USB.

One of the first games that support the keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One, will be Warframe. Nevertheless, Microsoft stresses that developers themselves decide whether they want to include additional input devices in their games. First you need to find answers to global questions: for example, will all gamers remain on an equal footing if someone is armed with a mouse? By default, computer devices in Xbox One games will be unavailable. Microsoft has also announced a partnership with Razer: together the companies will prepare the best experience on the keyboard and mouse with a view to the Xbox One. The first devices in the framework of the agreement and other games with the support of the new feature will be shown on November 10 in a special release of the Inside Xbox show.

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