Demo version of Wow Classic will give owners of a virtual ticket to BlizzCon


Blizzard Entertainment announced World of Warcraft Classic last year, but many important details are not disclosed until now. We know only the global idea of ​​developers: to revive the “same” World of Warcraft, which existed to a million add-ons and updates. Fortunately, Blizzard is preparing to tell something new about the World of Warcraft Classic on BlizzCon 2018. In the new video, the company announced that the demo of “Classics” will appear. The same owners will receive a virtual ticket – an annual set of bonuses for fans of Blizzard.

The probe will include a “pair of iconic locations” of the Horde and the Alliance. Restrictions are not voiced, but apparently, there will be a small number of zones and a low maximum level in the demo. Servers for the trial version of World of Warcraft Classic will be included on November 2 at the end of the opening ceremony of BlizzCon 2018. The game will work until at least November 8, so Time for an acquaintance to you for certain will suffice.

Recall that World of Warcraft Classic is based on the patch “Drums of War” – the last major update before the release of The Burning Crusade.

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