Sony has allowed console cross-play in Fortnite


In mid-June, Sony was in the center of a rather loud scandal – Fortnite lovers, who started the game on the PlayStation 4, tried to tie their accounts to the new version for the Nintendo Switch and found that this was impossible. The players bombarded Sony with requests to include cross-play with other consoles, but for a long time the corporation got off with only excuses and promises. Today, the ice has finally broken – the Prefab Brotherhood will be able to unite!

President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment John Kodera posted a post on cross-play on the PlayStation blog. The boss announced today that the open “beta” Fortnite will be launched, within which cross-platform gameplay, progress, and purchases between PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows and Mac will be available.

“For 24 years, we tried to give our fans the best feeling, offering a unique vision for the PlayStation,” Coder writes. – Today, the community of some games have evolved so that cross-platform game has become of particular value. Understanding this, we conducted a thorough analysis of the business mechanic to make sure that the experience of playing the PlayStation will remain unchanged for our users now and in the future when we make the platform more open. ”

According to the CEO, full support for cross-stinging is “a significant policy change” by Sony. Later, the company will tell more about the timing of testing and how its solution will affect other games. Note that Sony’s previous reluctance to let players on its device from other consoles is hardly connected with technical difficulties – the owners of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 collided with each other in Fortnite back in September 2017, when Epic Games accidentally turned on the cross-platform multiplayer.

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